Ivy Lodge #5

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Elected Officers

Virgina Lothrop Noble Grand 207-772-4938
Bea Wilson Vice Grand 207-854-1298
Michele Trynor Secretary 207-423-1551
Myrtle Miller Financial Secretary
Karen Pierce-Souza Treasurer

Appointed Officers

Frances Plourde RSNG

Beverly Bowie LSNG
Fred Stuart RSVG

Ralph Trynor LSVG
Diane Young Conductor

Louise Sterling Chaplin
Beverly Littlefield

Joyce Young Inside Guardian

Barbara Warner Outside Guardian

Maybelle Sturgeon PNG

Visiting Committee

Bertha Wilson & Michele Trynor

Finance Committee

Maybelle Sturgeon
Linda Furrow
Ralph Trynor


Beverly Littlefield
Louise Sterling
Ralph Trynor

Our duty in the Community is a simple one, help those in need and build a better community.
We're always looking for new members and you are welcome to contact us anytime.
Come and take a look, you'll want to stay.



Grand Lodge of Maine
Unity Lodge #3
The Sovereign Grand Lodge IOOF

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